Shivashtie Poonwassie

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about brick

The use of brick in my sculptures came from an interest in the innate qualities of materials and textures. My involvement with brick began with my first brick head for my degree show, made on site at H.G. Matthews, traditional brick makers in Chesham.

I created a limited series of brick sculptures, over a number of years. Sculptures were fired on site in the huge working kilns of the brick factory alongside handmade and machine made bricks. The vastness of the kilns allowed for a range of firing temperatures according to the position of bricks within the kiln. The richness of texture and colour of the fired bricks allowed each sculpture to develop it's own personality and identity.

Each sculpture is linked with the other through the use of brick as a material and it's history and tradition, from use as a building material for safety and shelter to marking boundaries and for decorative purposes.

Each head has layer upon layer of metaphor from the material itself to the making process, the final form AND it's interpretation.