Shivashtie Poonwassie

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Hand built life sculpture

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Survival I

68cm(h) x 40cm(w) x 28cm(d)
ceramic, steel

Survival I is the first in the 'Survival Series': where surface texture and fragmentation represent life experiences and our constant battle against the trials and tribulations that daily life throws upon us, within the framework of the human figure.

The series focus on exposure to stresses, in terms of health and our physical and psychological experiences and how we can grow stronger and/or weaker by them. Differences between individuals are represented through the surface textures and the degrees of fragmentation. Surface textures represent the scars of life and different events, whilst the fragmentation represents the survival instinct and adaptation.

These pieces celebrate our survival instincts, despite the pressures and complications in our lives. Our abilities to survive and perhaps overcome stressful events provides the potential to become stronger and attain an inner strength and beauty otherwise hidden.